Zachary R

Fit and feel is the best I have had from the printer. Haven't found anything else that compares.
by Zachary R

Christine Nelson

My husband loves the feel of his shirt. It is perfect for the summer and the fit was perfect!


perfect fit and love the super soft feel.

Daniel Ortiz

I Love Bella + Canvas 3001!! That's all I wear, & that is the t-shirt I use to put all my designs on it. All my customers love it, because the fit is amazing, the quality, the softness... I highly recommend Bella + Canvas 3001 to anyone! The best!!


Not bad @ all. A tad thin but really soft. It all comes down to preference. I will say the print on the shirt came out better than expected. Excellent!! So that’s a plus. It’s a good shirt. I’d wear a heavier under shirt to reinforce it and layer this one on top.

adoodzlife style

This shirt seems to run a tad bit small along the width / shoulders so consider ordering a larger size. On the other hand, the length of the shirt runs slightly longer than your average shirt, but it does shrink lengthwise after washing (so that’s also something to consider). This shirt is likely a medium weight shirt (referring to fabric weight), is nice and soft... but the white shirt seems to be a tad sheer. Will order again, but will advise our customers regarding sizing and fabric weight considerations.

Max Koljonen

The cut and fit is really nice. I do wonder why everyone is raving about this Bella Canvas 3001. That it’s the best and so on. It is super thin, almost see thru. The collar is a little flimsy. Nothing about this shirt gives the impression that it would be thought of as a high quality, expensive t-shirt. The fabric is slightly better after one wash when it has pulled together a bit. The only truly awesome thing is the cut of the shirt. Very flattering. I guess this would have to do.

Kailyn Bartram

I have bought and sold lots of Bella+Canvas shirts and I'm so happy I ultimately decided to go with them when I started my business a year ago. They are super soft, comfy tees that are soft enough to dress down, but look good enough to go out in! Sizes run a tad bit slimmer than most t-shirts but I believe that is because it's not a cheap material.

Ethan Moravec

We have this available in our Wonder & Bloom store, and we are happy with the shirt quality. The white has a slight sheer, but the fabric is nice and soft. It is very comfortable. Sizes seem to run slightly small. You can see more example pics to get a better idea of how the shirt looks with different designs on our instagram (@wonderandbloomofficial) or at

Nesrie Richards

Love the quality and the stretch!!! Color is vibrant. Shirt length is a bit longer so it does not fit women like a baby tee.

Samantha Hutchins

I loved the feel of the shirt. It didn't feel heavy and it ran true to size for my son.

Franklin Dume

The fit is true to size and the feel is really nice.

Nicolas Huot

Im very happy with this t-shirt. Its very comfortable and very soft. The seam of the neck is wide, which allows that it doesnt deform after many washes. It looks more durable and better quality than my current H&M t-shirts. Prism colors are really original, I have never seen this before, the color is mixed with black yarn, which gives a great effect. The only negative is that its longer than standards t-shirts. Personally I like this style but it may not be suitable for small people. In addition Bella + Canvas is a transparent brand who publish videos on their manufacturing conditions, and they are ethical and eco-friendly.

Michael Speer

Very pleased with the purchase! I ordered the Heather True Royal color for our Polar Plunge team. The shirt color was somewhat muted compared to the screen mock-up. I expected there to be a difference, but it was more than I anticipated. It was still a good color, just different. Color under fluorescent office light was very different than sunlight too. Much brighter outdoors. (See photos) I strongly recommend getting a sample before placing your larger orders so that you can adjust if necessary. I ordered about 30 shirts between a couple orders and received many compliments on the fabric softness and quality of shirt. The shirts ran very true to size. Normally, I find that T-Shirts run about a size small when ordered from most companies, but these were spot-on.

Florian Borel Garin

Très bon t-shirts excellente qualité

Tahira L. Scales

I love the feel and fit of this Tee, the medium fit me perfectly and i will be using this brand in my store!

Rodolfo Trevino

It’s an amazing product good quality materials I love the bright colors. I wish the make new products. Thank you!

Rob Diebold

With so many colors and sizes I have no trouble finding shirts for dark or light designs. I always max out my quota when I use them with my Etsy integration. Just wish I could use more than 9 colors! Lots of compliments from my customers.

Nestor Toussaint Jr

I love my T-shirt
by Nestor Toussaint Jr

Angela Morrow

The fit is great. It has the right amount of stretch and a bit of a form fit. The Tee’s pictured are a medium. It’s a good medium fit for a woman who’s a little curvy. It’s very soft and lightweight. Put together very well, great quality.
by Angela Morrow

Allie Feeley

Thumbs up from The Urban Flair!
by Allie Feeley

love the feel of the shirt
by Sahel Tamayo

Damien Scott Mendes

Super Dope!
by Damien Scott Mendes

High quality! and soft

Giovanna Westwood

Im seriously pleased! Thanks to everybody who had a hand in making my t-shirts!
by Giovanna Westwood

Great T-shirt. Im very satisfied. Size, material, everything is perfect. Thank you the printer 😀
by Nemanja Stojanovic

Chris G – Bella + Canvas 3001

The BC3001 fits great and feels incredible. 5'8" male around 185lbs average build, and Size Large fits perfectly with a (I think) flattering semi slim fit that's not too tight...Olive color is nice! - Chris G - 2019-01-01

Chris G – Bella + Canvas 3001

The BC3001 fits great and feels incredible. 5'8" male around 185lbs average build, and Size Large fits perfectly with a (I think) flattering semi slim fit that's not too tight...Olive color is nice! - Chris G - 2019-01-01

Chris G – Bella + Canvas 3001

The BC3001 fits great and feels incredible. 5'8" male around 185lbs average build, and Size Large fits perfectly with a (I think) flattering semi slim fit that's not too tight...Olive color is nice! - Chris G - 2019-01-01

Chris G – Bella + Canvas 3001

The BC3001 fits great and feels incredible. 5'8" male around 185lbs average build, and Size Large fits perfectly with a (I think) flattering semi slim fit that's not too tight...Olive color is nice! - Chris G - 2019-01-01

Chris G – Bella + Canvas 3001

The BC3001 fits great and feels incredible. 5'8" male around 185lbs average build, and Size Large fits perfectly with a (I think) flattering semi slim fit that's not too tight...Olive color is nice! - Chris G - 2019-01-01

Chris G – Bella + Canvas 3001

The BC3001 fits great and feels incredible. 5'8" male around 185lbs average build, and Size Large fits perfectly with a (I think) flattering semi slim fit that's not too tight...Olive color is nice! - Chris G - 2019-01-01

It is my first Order using this application, I am very satisfied with the product. The size of the sizes is very similar to the one I use, the color is the same as the page. The quality is 100% recommended.
by Oscar

Great quality and fit. The print quality is as expected. The material is very soft and comfortable. Inner neck label printing o tear away label T-shirt is awesome.
by Jacques Nel

The materiel of the Bella Canvas is so soft and conformable.
by William Hall

I absolutely love these shirts! They are so soft and comfy, and the print quality on them is fantastic!
by Andrea Brown

David Bruce

My favorite tee by far. Soft with a great sleeve cut and torso length. The print ALWAYS come out great regardless of color which is a testament to the shirt as well as the printer. EVERY customer Ive gotten feedback from talks about its comfort. Price point is standard. Thanks!
by David Bruce

Alex Duran

Just received my sample order for this product and it exceeded my expectations. Very good fit, a bit thinner than what I thought but that is not a negative, and overall a great looking t-shirt.
by Alex Duran

Chris Hausberger

I like how soft this shirt is. I will definitely keep it in my store.
by Chris Hausberger

Evan Murnighan

Just starting with POD and ordered a sample for myself. SOOOO impressed with the shirt. It was so soft and was thinner than expected but not too thin -a plus! The printing was great (white on black T)! Very proud to be able to send these out to customers. The only possible thing to note is my large looked and fit more like a "standard" medium. I havent checked the sizing chart yet, but I might need to stress they need to reference the sizing chart.
by Evan Murnighan

Chad Hebert

My customers LOVE this shirt!!! Top notch Quality, Comfort, and ready for Adventure!!! [ Awareness Via Adventuring ]
by Chad Hebert

Derek Melton

Thin, tight fit. Stretchy material. I wear an XL shirt and this one looks like Im trying to squeeze into a M or L shirt. Not impressed, prefer Gildan or Comfort Colors for their weight and fit.
by Derek Melton

Mateusz Patrosz

Very happy with the end product. The tee has a nice tailored fit without being too snug. Colors are pretty spot on(although the image has a filter on it). The prints themselves dont feel too heavy which can sometimes happen when they cover a large area. I did notice with these samples and a couple others that the solid color shirts fit true to size while the heather ones tend to be a bit more snug although after wearing em for a little bit they stretch out nicely. Overall great tee and plenty of colors to choose from!
by Mateusz Patrosz

Toly Vasilyev

Great classic tee. Thickness is a good balance between solid fabric and quite light at the same time. I found that white tee gets visibly a bit wrinkly because its 100% cotton but darker colors look more slick after washing and drying
by Toly Vasilyev

Lana Delgado

I am very pleased with these shirts. I love the material and happy that it fits great as men or women. I ordered size Small for me and it fits good but just noticed they added XS, so Ill probably try to order XS as well to see how it fits. As for mens shirts, Ive got Medium in Prism Peach Color and pink, it looks a little bit tight on my husband and Large size in black. It looks better but a little bit loose on his waist. Also wanted to mention the difference in material. Prism colors are not very soft but I love how the print came up on these colors. As for heather color which is the pink shirt, it looks good but not that great compare with prism colors, same I can say about black heather. But even though I washed black shirt so many times already it still looks great. The print didnt come up.
by Lana Delgado

Christopher Williams

I’m glad we have these now because they come out way better than the original embroidery tees that we use to have
by Christopher Williams


I was super excited to order this particular size because I am tall, with a tall torso, tall neck (+ long spagetti arms and legs!!). However I wear these tees tied in a knot, because its super cute and shapes the female form much better. I tested two different designs on the same tee, one in S and the other in M. I prefer the S size (Im 511 tall, about 62 kg) as its relaxed but still form-fitting. I usually wear a size Small to Medium (or UK 8-10) in womens tops, but I think if this tee would come in XS, Id still wear an S.. The quality is great, although for some reason I was expecting the material to be super soft and stretchy (from previous reviews). Its more on the thick side, perfect for cooler days, rather than tropcial summer heat. Have washed them once in 40 degrees and the print is still looking great. I love that its unisex but still looks great on a tall females body! I agree, it is way too big and long for short babes! But even the shorties can just tie a knot at the belly button level and instantly make [any] tee extra cute/sexy 😉 Im still on the lookout for a thin, soft and stretchy tee for hot summer days. Will be testing a few other styles from Printful. So far Im happy. 4 stars only because they should offer an XS (I know its tricky with unisex sizes, but still..) because the S will be too huge for smaller people :/ These are on my personal site, sadly I wasnt able to add an inside tag! Maybe the vector wasnt right..
by womenandvirtue

rogelio calamaya

Used it to skate after it arrived. Cool and lightweight, sweat are easily soaked but it doesnt feel like suffocating. Great for active wear. Print quality is good. Shirt colors are White and Athletic Heather. Will try on some Black shirt next time with non white print. visit for the designs.
by rogelio calamaya

Christopher Licud

Very nice material and comfortable to wear. The design I had printed uploaded beautifully and rich in color; will be ordering more prints of different colors soon.
by Christopher Licud

Jay Staats

The shirt came in exactly as designed. It is soft and looks great.
by Jay Staats

Michelle Nghiem

Everything was fine, except the color. The color “Army” looks brown on screen, but in person is a dark green with a tint of grey.
by Michelle Nghiem

CJ Hammer

I just received a sample on this shirt. The print quality is great but I dont like this shirt. Its flimsy and cheap looking. I prefer the Gildan brand.
by CJ Hammer

aldo gallegos

Great feel great shirt.
by aldo gallegos

Dimitrios Fatisis

It has a very nice feeling although the white one is a bit thin and the black colors can be seen from the back of the t-shirt. It has this strange odor that obviously comes from the printing when you open the package and it needs a wash. Overall I use only Bella + Canvas 3001 on my Shopify store and my customers as well as me are happy.
by Dimitrios Fatisis

Bob Moran

I love the feel of the shirt: soft and high-quality.
by Bob Moran

Love it!

sway jones

Really impressed by the vibrancy of the design colors, that was something that was really important while searching vendors and the fit and feel is great!
by sway jones

Keycy Vang

3.75 stars. Typical fashion/retail fit. Way too long for my preference and probably most others, just FYI for those considering Bella + Canvas. The quality is great, love the feel & print came out awesome! Just these kinds of shirts always come a tad too lengthy, not every one is model height.
by Keycy Vang

This product came out even better than I was expecting! The print looked beautiful and the shirt was a good quality.
by Toni Johnson

Created a school t-shirt for my homeschooler who chose her mascot. She loves everything about the t-shirt. She wants more 🙂 Will definitely be ordering lots more tees. Thank you so much!
by Orlandrea Shafer

The Quality is excellent. Printing is also excellent. Im very pleased! you guys rock! More orders coming your way.
by Maurice Jackson

Love it, but I wish Printful offered some of the other colors in the Bella Canvas 3001 like Charity Pink.
by Kimber Wano

I really like how soft this shirt is! Yes, it is thin but I dont think thats too much of a bad thing. I would just think that if youre wanting a white shirt then this might not be the best because itll be a bit see through. Other than that Im super pleased with how the art came out! Colors were perfect.
by thia nguyen

The shirt itself is fine but the sizes run a little small in my opinion. I wish there were more options in other shirts in larger sizes for my plus size customers. Women do not like having to have the unisex style of this shirt as it does not fit as well. It washes well and seems to be durable. Print is great for my designs.
by Bernadette Klemm

Very happy with quality and fit!
by Ian Grasshoff

Way better quality than expected! I had a huge, complex graphic printed on it as well, and the print quality was great! Not too thick, and very stretchy.. highly recommend.
by David A Love lll

Roger Mortimer

I received my sample shirts today. They feel and look great, although I think I may have made my design a little to big. Thank you
by Roger Mortimer

Miriaha Joubert

I’m in love with this shirt quality i guess it’s a hit or miss because some companies don’t like it but i find the quality great here’s photos of the mockup and the actual shirt! I hope it helps
by Miriaha Joubert

I like most things about this shirt, The bright white and weight are great. Its unisex but so the fit it fine for a women but which it did have more shape
by Tajuana Nelson

Im not really sure why this has such a high review on it... I orered this and the cheaper Gildan at the same time to see the difference and there really wasnt much of one. This was slightly softer than the Gildan, but it is also thinner. Colors look great on it and tag tore away very easily without any damage to the shirt. I will be using this shirt for a few of my designs, but I am still not convinced that it is the super awesome high quality shirt that everyone else says it is.
by Geovanni L Stoppel

Nice soft feel, but a little too thin and long. Also runs small in width.
by Maya Woolfolk

Donald Hancock

The quality of the shirts seems very good. The printing all looks great, I will be buying more.
by Donald Hancock

Awesome T-shirts beyond expectation. Very soft too!
by Ericka Niemann

This material is wonderful i wish that it didnt cost so much i buy bella canvas shirts for personal use
by james might

To be honest, I was a little concerned about how these shirts would compare to the Next Level shirts I have been previously using for my apparel line. I absolutely love the feel and fur of this shirt. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, but nearly comparable, I highly recommend these shirts. Super soft and lightweight and the graphics printed beautifully.
by Raymond Rivera

by Milton Boothe

This would be a 5 star shirt if it was just a little shorter in length. It runs a little long, which isnt ideal. But because of the epic color selection and the the soft feel and slight stretch of the fabric I chose it to be my go-to shirt in my shop.
by Glenn Mark Phillips

Too small. About 1 size too small. Not very soft like you would expect in a Jersey shirt, but better than some of the other products here.
by Adam Kruvand

I try to give you guys an objective review. The 3 stars rate does not mean that the product is bad. It is just not for me. I ordered a white sample with print on the front side and printed inside label. Print: it was okay. All colors are less lively than I expected, but I would give a 4 star. Tshirt style: regular style. Nothing special. Similar to the basic H&M tshirt. So I do not have the premium feel at all. As a customer I would not pay more than 15-17 USD for the final product with print on it. Quality: soft, but too thin. I printed label inside, and unfortunatelly I can see the print on the backside too. My label was printed in black, but it would be the same with any color, because the tshirt is too thin. If you want more branding, than select only logo printing on the back side. Overall: this t-shirt is fine if you would simply print on it and sell quantity more than quality. If you would like to build a quality brand, than you need to choose a thicker t-shirt for more premium feel. PS. Of course I did not expect a high-end premium product, but for building a quality brand I definitely need a better quality t-shirt.
by Gergely Balazs

I really appreciate the soft hand of the Bella + Canvas 3001 Unisex Short Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt but have two comments. Provide a heavier weight white cotton shirt that is opaque, like 5 oz or higher. And the other is an observation of the stitching that is best seen in the photos. Other than that, thanks Bella + Canvas.
by Nanfo Downs

About the size, I think it will depend on what you are looking for. I am 511 and I weigh 165 pounds, I normally wear medium size shirts but this particular t-shirt fits like a compression t-shirt on me. Extremely tight in the arms and Im not even a big guy. The description of this shirt says that the model is 62 and is wearing a medium size shirt (he probably is super skinny). If you are a muscular person, this shirt will not work. But the quality is very good, it is soft and the colors are perfect. Just think about what you are looking for.
by Luis Cains

Love the feel and the size is almost perfect. Except it is way too long! Also the small size for some is too big.
by Loretta Brown

Sharie Robinson

This shirt is too long to be unisex and should at least come in xs size for women. This is not a shirt for someone under 5 5" I was very disappointed. Almost fit like a mini skirt. It is baggy at the bottom. No good. A waste of money
by Sharie Robinson

Daniel Fangmeyer

Everyone is raving about the quality of this shirt. This is the only T-shirt Ill use now. My larger friend really loves the fit of the 4xl.
by Daniel Fangmeyer

The T-Shirt was great, except for the length, a little too long for a standard womens torso.
by Nicole Lauro

Ordered a sample shirt and I was really impressed.! Ordered a white and black shirt. The quality of the shirt and print looks fantastic. The ink on the black shirt is a tiny bit thicker but thats expected when printing on black. Fits perfectly. Fabric is breathable, stretchy and feels good on the skin.
by Mark Romero

Anthony rea

Light weight, fit is a snug so if you like loose go up a size. Printing it dead on. They message you if there might be errors. I sell shirt online and IRL. These are more expensive but worth it. I have many items from the printer. 100% satisfaction thus far.
by Anthony rea

I love the quality of the shirt. Great shirt!!!
by Gabriel Freeman

Gianpaolo Bertoncin

Nice tee. Excellent fit and good quality. I can say that the print is almost perfect.. the images speak clearly. A big thank to the printer by
by Gianpaolo Bertoncin

Im very pleased with the shirt. Nice quality and a very reasonable price, just like my previous order. Ill order again for sure
by James Beattie

Great quality and fit!
by tinishab

Another shirt, a brand new to me. Its just as soft, and the weight is also perfect.
by Copper Wiezi

Emily Leto

Great product! Shirt is great quality. Print came out great too.
by Emily Leto

Benjamin Ziettlow

Super soft, great fit, true to size. A staple for our apparel brand. Great fit for both men and women.
by Benjamin Ziettlow

Maryssa Spencer

It feels like it might be hot, not how I thought it would feel, I thought it would be a lighter feel. but overall I like how it looks
by Maryssa Spencer

The shirt overall is beautiful. Its super soft, the print is exquisite but the sizing is completely OFF! A Medium is literally the size of an XL. XL is at least a XXL. I was completely thrown off by that considering most reviews said it was small. So I am so confused as to what I received. Were the sizes I received from their big and tall line? -Utterly Confused
by Jessica Mosley

The cut of this shirt is very ill fitting. It is too short across the shoulder and chest. The sleeve is set at almost a 45 degree angle. Large shoulders or chest cant possibly be comfortable wearing this style cut. See picture. I put the black shirt I ordered against one of my old favorite Fruit of the Loom shirts. Notice in the picture the extreme angle of the sleeve. This short shoulder length and extreme sleeve angle is what causes the shirt to bunch up at the end of the shoulder when arm is raised. The size runs smaller as compared to Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, and Hanes. The black BC shirt also does not lay evenly flat like my Fruit of the Loom shirt that its laying on top of. The shirt feels soft and is thin, but seems more stretchy than my other 100% cotton shirts. The collar also seems unusually large and/or stretched out. The printing is nice, but dont yet know how it will hold up to wear and wash. Although I am disappointed because I dont like the cut, my friend doesnt mind the cut so much; that its not that uncomfortable. I guess some people like this style cut, its just not my preference. Im not inclined to carry this shirt in my shop.
by FamArtAffair

The shirt fits small and has a low neckline. I wont be selling this shirt. I will get either returns or unhappy customers.
by Derek Melton

The fit is comfy but this shirt runs 1 size bigger than usual. I usually wear M Tees and the S fits like a M and the M fits like a large. I want to offer size S but since it runs 1 size bigger, I would need XS for those which is not offered. The material is thinner than I wouldve liked. And the length is a about 3-4 inched too long.
by Jacqueline Todd

Good quality t-shirt, nice fit and very comfortable. Great printing. Very happy with the finish product.
by Arianna Azri

Very happy with this shirt. The fit was as expected and the printing was great - very clear. I have also sold one and received a five star review on it. Thank you, the printer.
by Cynthia Wallace

The prints were amazing

I love the feel and look of the Bella + Canvas 3001 Unisex Short Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt with Tear Away Label, this shirt is super soft and the color is outstanding. the printer did a great job on the graphic of this shirt "CBD Shirt" I will continue to have the printer do my Shirts.
by Claude Morey

Irina Ilina

Comfy, soft, unisex style. I like it. Print work is good. Ill keep selling these.
by Irina Ilina

print quality is great. shirt is soft and comfy. slight edge with the cheaper price over AA.
by michael ryder

Irina Ilina

Fabulous! Love the quality of shirt and the print is really eye-catching.
by Michaela LaRenee

They’re pretty long but I just knotted it and it’s perfect. Nice and soft. Pretty true to size.
by Lauren Robinson

Its a snug, form-fitting shirt.
by charlene gibbs

The shirt is fine, not too thick or thin. I am a woman, so I think that, for me, the womans T-Shirt will probably fit me better. The printing seems to be good quality and the colors came out right. I have washed it once, following the directions, and it did not shrink, which is a plus.
by Diane Ramsey

I love this Tee! Its unbelievably soft! The shoulders are a little boxy for women, but otherwise its a good fit.
by Stephanie Ferguson

The fit is perfect and feel is nice. Also, print color comes out great!
by Samuel McDonald

Tom Davis

Shirts were perfect, nice print, soft feel, exactly what I expected.
by Tom Davis

Idowu T Bamisile

Pretty dope. Color comes out more, size is perfect.
by Idowu T Bamisile

To start with, this is such a great T-shirt...the fit is great, its really soft...but it is SO big... I usually fit a US10 and the S fit me perfectly. There is no way the female model in the mock up was wearing a size S. Please please make this available in XS or XXS. It is also quite long which is understandable since it is unisex..
by Nicole Wiener

Size is right, feel is right after the first wash, a little rough and itchy when new. Prefer a material blend for softer, breathable and wrinkle free feel, print is great.
by Jorge Rosado

The quality of the printing (and shirt) were fantastic. Great value. I will definitely order more.
by Heidi Liou

I love these shirts they are so comfortable.
by Hillary Williams

Great shirt. We ordered 4 samples and all of them looked and felt awesome. 10/10 will use this as our standard shirt.
by Sean Piper

Love the fit and the feel of the fabric, and so do the people I show it to. Thanks again for helping me through the process.
by Wes Thomas

Product was great. Great fit, feel and printed just hoe I expected. Will definitely put in my order for more of these shirts.
by Anthony Saucedo

Awesome product. You really cant go wrong with this shirt in all honesty. Ive used this for all of my designs. Check out the photo below or my website
by Joseph Andrew

I ordered down because the shirt is unisex, but it was a bit tighter than normal. With that being said, I suggest for women to order as they normally would and for men to order a size up! On another note, the shirt is very soft and comfortable. Great quality!
by Kubrat Salaam

Very soft and the print was awesome!!
by Willie White

Tywonna Bonaventura

I ordered the red. VIBRANT color! The printing is fine. The fabric feels thick and sturdy.
by Tywonna Bonaventura

Perfect unisex fit for women. They don’t choke you and the sleeves hit just right. I will order again
by Mary Thomas

Softer than the Gildan 64000 tee. I think the white coloring on the t-shirt that I ordered is also whiter than the print on the Gildan one.
by Tina Dykstra

The shirt fits really well, is reallllyyy comfortable. The DTG print looks really good. The only thing was the back outside label was off center, but they did say that could happen. Was a little sad at that and hopefully my clients shirts are centered more correctly. Other than that, Im so far totally satisfied.
by Lance Smith

Bella Canvas is THE. BEST. EVER. The quality is amaze, the fit is great (much better than womens tees), and DTG printing works very well with this! I would definitely recommend this shirt, or the 3413 tri-blend, especially if you are on a budget. Although I do have to say that I like the heather shirt better, even though they are more expensive, they just make for a softer shirt (the regular ones arent bad though). 🙂 I also recommend this shirt for more of a relaxed fit (since the Bella Canvas womens fit is super tight, you need to size up like 3 sizes). And just know that however your design looks on the mockup when you go to order it, it may shift due to sizing (the mockup looks like its more geared toward a size small). Overall this was a great purchase! Definitely recommend!!! 🙂
by Avrielle Russell

Overall, I love my shirt. The pic I had put on it came out perfect. I wear a small but I got medium for the fit I wanted and it’s perfect. No too big for me. Colors came out great. I’ll definitely continue to order this shirt. I also believe it’s true to size so next time I’ll order my size (small) but medium still worked great for me for the style I was going for
by Tori Edwards

Everything looks great! I like the fit of the shirts and quality of the prints. Printul Rocks!
by Ty Jeter

good quality product, medium was a might smaller then expected,
by Karen Riedl

The shirt quality is wonderful but the print is a little hard. When is washed gets better.
by José Méndez

The shirt is great, and for men fits true to size. For a woman, M was good. As Im short it was over my bottom, but I prefer it tucked away in jeans or skirt anyway. The sleeves are slightly long for women, but great if you want to roll them up. White can be a bit sheer for some, heather dark grey feels super soft and great to touch.
by Renate Ceipiniece

Print quality was fantastic. Ordered 5 different colors/prints and everything was great. The Soft Cream shirt is a little bit lighter in person than on the computer but other than that everything was great. Thanks!
by alex joganic

I really like this shirt. Its lightweight and soft. Not as soft as some of those poly blends but I guess thats obvious. The sleeves are a little short but its something Ill tolerate if it has a nice print on it. Length is great. Goes below the belt line. Im 62" 213 lbs and I ordered a large so that should give you a good frame of reference for the size. Wouldve given it five stars but was not expecting the short sleeves. They look and feel fine when my arms are down but when I raise them a little the sleeves ride up a bit too much for me. Again, not a deal breaker though. I think Ill order more of this shirt.
by G.S. Design

Came exactly as I ordered it. Love it
by Abel Perez

Impressive. Bell + Canvas 3001 is worth the price. Immediately i felt the quality. As a shopify owner and a customer i expect nothing less for my customers and for myself. The lower end Gildan misses the mark totally. DEMANDMYDESIGNS......
by Demandmydesigns

Chris Borne

Design came out nice. Tee is nice and soft.
by Chris Borne

This is from a customer: "It really is a nice t-shirt! It was in the 70s today. I love the neck line. It doesnt choke me."
by Troy Lynn Norris

Nice print quality but the shirt is a little thin.
by Stacey Sweet

Great printing and service from Printful. They are absolutely my printer and Dropshipper of choice. That said, not 100% thrilled with the shirt. For the cost, its great quality and I will stick with the Bella + Canvas brand. Soft cotton, though a bit thin. Sample was the heathered raspberry - dark colors will be fine, but I would NOT buy this shirt in white. Also, not thrilled with the unisex fitting. Ordered a L (my normal size). Fit, but not flattering. May want to consider going a size up if youre a woman.
by Ami McCain

Really loved the fit of this shirt and the softness after washing. And the fact that its one of the most affordable ones on the printer is a big plus!
by Jennifer Percy

candida liriano

Excellent cuatily I love
by candida liriano

I love it
by Joseph Moore

First making a shirt for my brand. And it turned out better than I expected. Glad I stayed to create more items. Thanks a lot.
by Karel Gonzales

Feels much more high end than a standard Gildan shirt. Label really does tear off (just did it while wearing it.) Printing quality is high. Im happy.
by Nate Adams

The quality was perfect and the print was crisp
by Amin Amin

I love the fit of these shirts. Not baggy, and not skin-fitting like other jersey shirts Ive used. The material also feels sturdier and less stretchy as well, which I like.
by michael sheely

This is a really soft and comfortable shirt. Id say it runs a bit small though, and it is very thin, so while I wouldnt call it sheer, it seems pretty close. Very comfortable though, it feels like Ive worn it for years.
by Laura Blumenstiel

The T shirt is thinner then I usually print on. However, I like the soft feel of the shirt. The printers did an excellent job and colors were right on the money!
by Ghetto Phabricks Clothing (Travis Abel)

Nice shirt, good fit, GREAT print work. Very happy with my samples.
by Sivad h Johnson

The fabric quality is really nice and I love the overall quality of the product.
by AJ Ha

I really love the overall fit of this shirt. Its super soft and comfy and the image looked good on the shirt as well.
by Sylvette Kachurak

Looks and feels amazing! Customer loved it and wants more. The sizing is spot on.
by Tavon Gourdine

Jenny Jones

Super soft, sizing seems true. Will be using this in my shop!
by Jenny Jones

The fabric was nice and soft. Felt comfortable. The printing was very nice and clean. My only complaint is that the shirt are 1 size smaller. I wear an XL, I would have to order 2XL.
by David Bonet

good quality shirt , good design print, and timely delivery.
by kelcey dudley

Love this one a lot is really soft and better than the Guildan soft style because it looks and feels more expensive is great for my Miss Frais fashion brand
by maria tokareva

Pleasantly surprised on the quality of the material itself! The softness of the material changed slightly with each color. I bought a black tee, red, and a soft cream tee. The Red Tee was amazingly soft compared to the soft cream and the black but that is a normal occurrence in fabrics, dye color will react differently certain materials. Our print designs came out very crisp and clear, even the smallest text! Im so happy with final product!
by Sebastian Cubides

Comfortable and stylish! Your customers will love it!
by Northstar Patriot

The quality of the shirt really makes the higher price worth it (compared to other shirts). Very good to use for prints and designs.
by Jordan Hyman

Good comfort and feel.
by Lisa DeLay

Awesome shirt! Super comfortable, soft, great fit, and hold the print great. Will be buying these for my store. Best bet on here.
by Bud Calabrese

Amazing texture, the print is great, and has a great overall snug feeling to it! Not to mention the price is great for the quality you get! My customers will love these shirts!
by Justin Vega

Ive had shirts made with Bella Canvas before and they turned out wonderful. The only thing I didnt like about the shirts I had is that they were tight fitting around the bicep area. This style, in particular, is PERFECT. I am 64" and 350lbs and this does the trick for me! I am opening up my e-commerce shop soon & decided to be my own guinea pig and I was not disappointed.
by Clemon Walton III

The fabric is super soft, which I prefer in a tee, it feels like it has already been lived in. I do think the sizing runs small, and I do not believe that this garment was pre-shrunk. That could be an issue.
by Sherry Espinoza

I love this t-shirt! Its very comfortable and soft indeed! Lots of room, perhaps a bit extra long. To me thats perfect because I love comfortable, extra-roomy clothing. May be a bit too long for shorter folks. But, since its unisex, that should be expected as its designed to fit all body types under the same size. The printing came out great. Im very pleased.
by Christina Breault

this is a nice shirt. though its cotton, it is soft right out of the bag. The dark green on light green looks nice though I wasnt a huge fan of how the printing came out. It looks like the kind of printing that after a couple of washes fades away quickly. it is a fairly thin shirt so I am curious to see how well it stands the test of time. but overall I am satisfied with it.
by Renato Duarte

Nice work! Better than I expected. The colors are vivid and accurate. The fit is nice as well.

Awesome shirt! Soft and nice to touch, already had my first workout in it - love the shirt!
by Natasha Malyutina

shirt is very soft and comfortable and a quick turn around for my order, will be purchasing again
by Rhonda Carter

Best. Fitting. Shirt. Ever. By far my favorite shirt. Love the fabric and love the fit and so do my customers. Good job Bella + Canvas, and good job the printer for introducing this product!
by Matthew Hamilton

I ordered five sample t’shirts and they look amazing! And customer service is 100% there when you need them. I give them two thumbs up and a fat toe!

Very pleased with the product. Service was great. Workmanship very good. Will order more.
by Judy Meade Robinson

Incredibly vivid colors on white and these shirts are sooooo soft! My favorite at the printer.
by Emmett Wesolowski

I like the material and the printing turned out great; however the shirt is very LONG. Might be okay on a males but on females it is very long.
by Abbi Naylor

The quality vs the cost for me cant be justified. I got the product as a test to see what my customers would be getting and Im not sure my customers would be willing to spend the kind of money I would have to ask for in order to turn a profit on this product. However the service at printful is top notch.
by Ridgley Makins

The material used is very soft and silky feeling, and the print quality is amazing. Unfortunately, my usual size (large) turned out to be about an inch too short across the shoulders. Furthermore, the shoulder seams seem to be sewed weirdly, making them jut out from my body whenever I move my arms away from my side. See the picture I attached for what I mean. If all youre looking at is the price, then this is certainly a decent shirt on the cheaper side of things. But if you want quality as well, you may want to try a couple other options first.
by Adam Watts

Materiel is soft. Seems lightweight, appropriate for summer, but long term durability is??.Materiel muted colors of graphics, so definitely a design consideration. Sizing is absolutely junk. Compared to any major brand tshirt, this runs almost a full size too small, just utterly unacceptable. I know what slim fit is, but this is just typical poor measurement control we see time and again. For testing a design, ok. For selling, no way. Customers will be sending these back with complaints about sizing unless you specify they run small, which is just utter nonsense in todays day and age.
by Luis Santiago Jr

The shirts are smaller than expected for adult tee.
by Ashalah Michelle

The shirt is nice and soft, but the collar is absurdly wide. Wouldve been a fine shirt if not for the collar.
by Kacy James

I absolutely love my new t-shirt. I only ordered one because I wasnt sure how it would feel or look, but putting it on definitely made all the difference in the world! I cant wait to order more for myself and my business!!
by Letrin Mattear

The detail on the heather fabric was fantastic. The t-shirt itself was very soft and comfortable. Doing almost all my designs on Bella + Canvas 3001!
by Mark Tuttle

Amazing, like usual. LOVE Bella and canvas and the shirts look AMAZING
by Kyle Bickel

The feel of this shirt is soft and comfortable. It has good stretch but still can feel a bit snug in the underarm area. Printing on white and other light colors can definitely show through the other side but black and darker colors print great. Be warned that these shirts, especially the smaller size range, tends to be about 2 to 2.5 inches too long.
by Kevin K. Lo

Shirt was nice material but shrank about a half-to full size it feels like after first wash. The neck is a bit wide as well.
by Lindsey Jones

I just started my clothing company and used American Apparel having to switch I was very concerned then my Bella+Canvas shirts came and I loved them. I would prefer better blues but overall very happy with it. Chris from Whaa Gwaan Designs.
by Christopher Bowen

I didnt expect the printing to be exactly how it looked in the picture, but it did. I really like the material and the printing looks great. Thank you.
by Hamoni Akau

Nice light comfortable tee. Heres my the printer review and unboxing on You Tube:
by Scott Serkland

The fabric is almost as soft as the triblend, I love the feel! The fit is alright, a bit longer than other shirts both in the body and sleeves. My only real problem is the shoulders. They poke up at the top, especially when you raise your arms. I dont know if Id personally use these but if youre okay with the shoulders then its a great shirt.
by Tanya Kozak

I am overall pleased with the print and the feel of the shirt. However, this shirt DOES shrink and I followed the care instructions on the tag. I found that it shrunk about an inch in the chest. Also the arms and length shrunk about the same.
by James McDaniel

The shirt was very soft and the print was nice but I think Im going to try the women Bella canvas for a more fitted fit....
by mikeisha groover

Great looking print. Quality is Good texture is awesome. Really clean design. SB Edify
by Samuel Burnette

The print came out great. The shirt is breathable. I kind of wish it was a little thicker and more fitted. Overall a great shirt
by Kevin Cherry

Very comfortable and with a clean print. Im really missing a thicker quality of the T-shirt, and maybe even a thicker print like they have on products like Off-white, supreme, etc. Overall really comfortable and cheap T-shirt, great for its price!
by Mike Hansen

Very good fit, great print quality. #FullCircleClothingCompany
by Travis Wright

Love the quality. Super soft and fits nice. Lightweight perfect for the warm months ahead.
by Jared Olsen

Love this shirt! Fits really well, and is at a much lower price than the tri-blend shirts. If you order just the heather shirts they are a blend anyways! Great to wash and dry and havent shrunk. Love this shirt for a solid cheaper alternative. Would still like to see the price go down a little more.
by Connor Harrison

The product was exactly what I expected. I am talking about the printing quality, the size and the color.
by Antoine Ngamo

Great quality Shirts definitely recommend and I mean it no BS.
by Lonnie Thomas

Great shirt if you are looking for a lightweight unisex option. Does shrink a bit but so do most cotton shirts. If you are looking for a slimmer fit t-shirt this is the one.
by Joshua Morales

Really soft material, size came out the way I expected, and the design looked beautifully done. Thank you!
by Lisa Cleaveland

The quality was way better than I thought. Ultra soft. Great stretch. Feels great on the skin. I love the length as well.
by Denise Tye

To be quite honest, these came out WAY better than the samples I had previously made using the American Apparel 2001. The AA turn into something else after the 1st wash. The Bella 3001 remains exactly the same. Great quality, great fit. Just a little bit smaller than the regular sizing. Im a L and the L fits just a tiny bit tighter than usual. But it doesnt bother me.
by Leandro Silva

inexpensive, great print quality, and is exactly what i wanted. highly recommended service
by William Keyworth

So far so good! Very soft material and love the ability to add your logo to the back. I would suggest ordering the unisex or mens sizes just to be safe. Bella + Canvas 3001 is my favorite!
by Dorian Grant

This is a great shirt! Soft, a little lighter in weight and a little stretchy just the way I like it. It didnt shrink after I washed it. Id like to note I personally like a longer tail on my shirts and this one is perfect for me.
by Conrad Aleshire

This is my go to shirt choice for my shop and now with the tear away label that makes this even better. I tested out the American Apparel 2001, The Anvil 980, a few others and this shirt. This is by far the best choice for me and my customers. The American Apparel 2001 printed nice and looked nice but feels a bit stiffer and also shrank up a ton and some of the threading felt cheap - overall ehh maybe ill try again in the future The Anvil 980 was way too short in length and I knew right away as soon as I tried it on I wasnt using it. Feels a bit stiffer as well. Definitely felt too short for me. Bella + Canvas 3001 fits awesome and the print was clean and crisp on it. This shirt is a little longer in length so when it does shrink the 1st time in the wash its still got length to it which is a must (I hate when shirts are too short and show your belly or lower back) It also is A LOT softer than the other options. Its got this almost like stretchy, polyester feel to it that makes it feel really soft and good against the skin. Stitching is great on it too. Bella + Canvas 3001 all the way! (Until I find something better)
by Randy Penn

After the American Apparel issue, I needed to find another soft cotton t-shirt for my store. I considered going with the Gildan 2000 but the fabric was too scratchy. The Bella+Canvas 3001 shirt is a nice replacement. The fabric is super soft and comes in a wide selection of colors. I want to sell more than white and black t-shirts. Although the shirt is thinner than the AA 2001 and 2102, it hangs nicely on many body types, has a longer length (as compared to the AA 2102), and almost as many colors. I was impressed that the B+C 3001 shirt did not shrink as much as the AA shirt and it is available in more sizes. The printing on the B+C shirt was just as good as on the AA, so no loss there. With a lower price than most of the other shirts, I can pass on that value on to my customers. My only wish would be for a Made in America B+C version with the same quality, color selection, and cost.
by Angela Baron

The graphic turned out perfect and the t-shirt is so soft and comfy! LOVE IT!!! Its super soft and lightweight and I love the length.
by Hilary Allison

Ordered a large navy. It was a bit longer than I expected, about 4-5 inches on me. The overall fit was great, very comfortable and has a medium softness feel to it. I washed in cold water and hung to dry. Print stayed true and shirt still felt great to feel and wear. In my opinion, this tee seems to have great durability for the long term.
by Brian Housel

I tested both the 3001 and 3413 - the 3001 wins by a decent margin. The 3413 is a slight notch above in softness, but is far, far too thin and shrinks in the wash. The 3001 has slightly more weight and character and feels more durable. Plus, the heather colors have a very similar softness to the 3413, making it a no-brainer.
by Matt Tsai

I love the sizing on it, its not too big or too small, its just right. I am very please the color of it, nice hue. The quality is very superb, I love how soft it is. I experimented with other tees such as Gildan and American Apparel, this is by far the better feeling tee. The only thing that kept me from giving it a 5 star which isnt that big of a problem but it kinda irked me was the collar area, its kinda on the wide side and too thin, but other than that, its a great shirt.
by Christopher funches

Loved the quality & fitting of the shirt. But I ordered RED SIZE MEDIUM & received a BURGUNDYISH SIZE LARGE...But my customer loved it still so it worked out ok.
by Lolita Roberts

The fabric is soft and breathes really well. As for the length, it is a little longer than the usual size. This is actually something I appreciate as a male with larger than normal chest and shoulder area it ends up fitting perfectly.
by Andre R Castro

Loved the material of the Bella shirts
by Joshua Varghese

I feel that the quality is great, the shirt is almost identical to AA I ordered both to compare and the only downside is that the print is not as crisp as the AA shirt.
by Kevin Reese

Really like the fit & styling of this tee. Works for male or female making it an even better choice.

Definitely the comfiest of the unisex options! I love the fit and fabric a lot. I feel like it looks good on both men and women.
by Bailey McGinnis

Great lightweight unisex fit shirt. Love the softness and overall feel. The print job turned out amazing and would definitely recommend using the tear away label to add your custom label option.
by As Of Latte

These shirts are really soft and seem like they will wear well and the printing came out great.
by Sarah Garner

After American Apparels demise, and LOTS of research, Im landing on Bella + Canvas for my product needs. Aside from the lack of colors offered by the printer, this Tee seems to be the best, well rounded alternative.
by Adrian Velazquez

The quality was great as well as the print.
by Crisalyn Sachi

Quality of the printing was great BUT the shirt was a bit lil fitting. The neck seemed like it had been stretched out as it felt very loose. The neck line dipped in the back a bit which felt awkward. The shirt felt good in sleeves, torso, and chest but the neck was definitely off. I hope this was just a one off poorly made shirt or maybe stretched out during the printing...
by Joseph Samuelson

Soft material ( a little thin) that is FITTED, but also VERY LONG. A size Large was tight in the chest and shoulders of our 511" model but came down almost past his crotch
by Jonathan Dougher

Cant complain. When I received the product I was shocked. Thank you everyone at the printer and Bella T-shirts
by Monic Nwagbor

Feels like a quality shirt. The print came out nicely too. Ill be ordering this again.
by Bruce Canales

This came out pretty good, any issues i have with the graphic are on me. My only slight issue is these run a bit small to size. Outside of that, great soft material.
by Ryan Conley

I love the feel of this shirt and it fits my body style very well. My design came out awesome and I am ready for business now!!! the printer rocks!!!!
by Keona Baskin

Very nice and satisfied. Thanks
by Mike Minor

I love the fit of this T-Shirt. its fitted around your arms and is very lightweight so you can wear it in any season.
by Hate Doctor

My go-to for a basic unisex tee, this one consistently gets good reviews from customers.
by Kristin Pothast

Product is amazing
by Paul Miller

The shirt is super soft and fits well around the chest but the length is a little on the long side (would be better about an inch shorter). the printer done an excellent job of printing my design and cant fault them!
by Daniel Wilson

I got this shirt and the Bella Canvas Tri blend to feel the differences. It feels pretty good overall, its cotton so its still pretty soft. Its pretty light weight overall. The tri blend is even softer but I like the feel of the fabric overall. It fits pretty well, I dont get the comments about "bunches up when you lift up your arms." So...all shirts do that when you lift your arms up. It does have a new smell to it, which is not a problem when you wash it. All new clothing has a chemical like smell to it. Just wash it and the problem is solved. I will say that the sizing is a little bit long. I think Bella Canvas should think about adjusting the length of this one a little bit. I am 58 and its about an inch too long. I have yet to wash it and see how it fits post wash, I dont know if it will shrink but I will try it and update. The design came out perfect on it. Once American Apparel comes back, I for sure want to explore those shirts a bit in comparison.
by Adam Graniss

The tshirts turned out great and the material is very soft! This is my go to place!
by Naba Faizi

As mentioned in other reviews, the material of this shirt is very soft. When first receiving the product I was worried that it would be too thin too last but was pleasantly surprised when wearing. The colors print very well on the shirt and I like that they run somewhat of a "slim" fit as I would call it. I ordered a medium size and sometimes other medium shirts do not form to my body well. This one on other hand fits very well and is super comfortable!
by Kyle Pitman

by Tiran Jones

Great printing quality! Honestly, I do recommend
by Tyler Hutchins

Great shirt! The feel of the shirt and material are high quality and the graphics look great !
by Kelly Thorell

Nice soft material, feels great. A bit tight around the shoulder area which makes me want to order 1 size bigger than normal for a comfortable fit. Between AA2001 and Anvil 980 this is definitely the nicest feel out of the 3.
by Pascal Tremblay

I was very hesitant because Im just starting out with a few pieces and had no idea where to start with shirts. Mmmaaaannn!! sooo glad I went with this shirt super soft, lightweight and true size fitting. This is gonna be my gold standard right here
by marz mello

Loved the quality of the t-shirt and the print was better than expected. The only weird thing was that the print smells like glue haha. But a wash will fix that.
by Victoria Islas

The shirt is very soft and the fit is nice for this style. My boys in their early 20s prefer a softer, more lightweight tee so this is a nice choice for the younger crowd. The only thing I noticed is that because it is more lightweight it does show your belly or imperfections a little more than if you were wearing a heavier shirt. However, this is very nice and softer than most tees so I will probably be sticking with it. 🙂
by Alison Haveman

Look at the picture and tell me what you thing..T-shirt and the prints are tops, though material is too soft, but its indeed quality...the printer thanks for doing a great job. #lamonkicollection
by Godwill Daniel

Very nice and soft, love the sizing but it does run big!
by Brandon Booker

by fredricka

On either black or heather. Looks great!
by Ricardo Mompremier

Wasnt too sure what to expect with bella canvas, was more than happy with what I received in my samples. The fit is just what I wanted. The shirt is way softer than the Gildan definitly worth the extra dollars paid. the quality of the print was perfect and colors looked exactly like how I had them in my files.
by Luis Enrique Estrada

Perfect for everyone, boys and girls : nice fit, nice printing!
by Katherine Mcken

Great shirt and I loved the color!
by Tyler L Spahr

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